Sunday, May 15, 2011

Supporting the homies.

Time warp's inline six turbo rat rod made it out.
So Adam set this candy machine aka the Jew machine to give only one to three pieces of candy for a quarter its so awesome to see peoples faces of disappointment.
Some of Adam's work showed up for the shindig to show support.

There was hundreds of bikes there Most just baggers but there was a couple cool bikes there but that's not why we were there anyways we there to support of friend Adam!

And Of coarse there were a bunch of these cool guys all in An abundance of do-rags, chaps and baggers.


  1. Hey quit talkin shit on all baggers you jerk! Someday I'll get a cool kid bike...

  2. There was not one bad word said about baggers and yours would have stood out from the sea of crome battle ships all day long! Love you champ!

  3. DUDE! The sons are poppin up everywhere! SLC,AZ,AND And Stoddard! Holy shit! Head for the hills...