Monday, May 30, 2011


Get Ready for the day,
Shit, Shower, Shine.

Man Down

So this memorial day weekend i was supposed to go on a ride with some local boys and this is just one event i missed out on! My you have a speedy recovery Lunda. Now you get to use that nice scooter lift and fix the murder train!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dalliconda Photos

Dallis sent these over to me. Thanks Dalli!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Supporting the homies.

Time warp's inline six turbo rat rod made it out.
So Adam set this candy machine aka the Jew machine to give only one to three pieces of candy for a quarter its so awesome to see peoples faces of disappointment.
Some of Adam's work showed up for the shindig to show support.

There was hundreds of bikes there Most just baggers but there was a couple cool bikes there but that's not why we were there anyways we there to support of friend Adam!

And Of coarse there were a bunch of these cool guys all in An abundance of do-rags, chaps and baggers.

Update on G's redo.

G's going all out this time around with all new fender sissy to carry sluts around SLC. He is refazing the motor and doing the 750 big bore kit. This thing will be one beast XS.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Cheapskate.

Dutch's fine, Garage built Bob, All 100% personally built by hand. No Fancy pants machines just a man ans his welder. You could walk around this for and hour and keep noticing more and more new trick stuff. Good Shit Dutch.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Few more from saturday with LDM.

Sids new gears got him pulling hard!

The old Lady Did awesome after over 100 miles and not a peep, she wanted more!

Saturday Ride With LDM.

Champ, Sid, Super Dave, and Sand Man

Two Baggers+ Two Bobbers = a day Ending with the grounded Lunda's house for some Grub. amazing day Men, Thanks.

Dallicondas Ginger Jap Dream.

Check List almost full filled, read the last item its my favorite!

Sid and Friends along with Dallis doing allot him self are doing a good job!
Hurry up boys riding season is here and some long awaited rides are around the corner.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moto Monday Recap

This dude pulled up just long enough for me to get this pic and then he mobbed. I have know idea who he was and iv never seen the bike but it was pretty cool pic.
Clemms and Brook

TRJJ was there and with the saddest story ever when I saw him I was surprised as hell because I knew that all his Boys left for Mexico on the Diablo Run that morning. He had to end up missing it after months of planning and getting stoked for Jury Duty of all things. I felt super bad for him.

Andy from Pangea had his Old O.G. XS there but with a new owner. He was rebuilding it completely and changed allot of things. Went high mids new colors a new amazing Two into One that really caught my eye, This thing was sick.
My Brother Nic let me jam on his bike and let me get my fix.

D. Payne and his newly rebuilt Iron Head build.