Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh Snap another Project? This is our new shop bike Cafe Racer. If you roll into town and want to come shred never fear we got you covered! Look for this bike to be knocked out real quick.

We have been framed

Stu has been dreaming this up for years and has Finally been knocking his project out he built these frame rails up for hit custom chop in like two nights the whole thing has hundreds of feet in weld its super crazy, but also super sick! Good work my man cant wait to terrorize the streets with you in this one.

Mustach bars

Get Ready for a shower of parts PArty hardy, Dirty Dirty and I have been busting ass getting shit done and knocked out for our realese of the full fleged G.C.C. .

Here are some Bars

One Good Colaberation

We are not taking full cred on this build a lot of Derricks personal time went into this bike it started one clean ass sporty that gave D a full season of shred until he pulled the trigger and ordered up a hard tail conversion . And Took it to a good friend of ours Andy over at to have it tigged up! Then it started alot of head scratching and trial and error from D figuring out how thing will go together and were they will fit and look the best. And That's were Gorgeous Corpse Culture came in we lent one of our Renegade welders out to the guys So if they figured some thing out the could tac it and we would burn everything for them. Well its off to powder coat from our shop we just finished tigging everything up, D man you will be shredding soon!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

How about this bad bitch for for your foward controls ? Installed pics real soon.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Desperate messures

Did a little make over this winter on the panther and had to test things out this winter.
old American fork shred with some friends and Bolts Action.

Slosh's Bore Track Beach Cruiser. This will be a head turner for sure and just a super fun machine to rock. Cant wait to finish it.

Crown Royal Special

This is what happens when you leave your bike with your drunkin buddies over night!


Went down To N.SLC to lend a hand on three differnt bike builds, we were super stoked on all these bikes and cant wait to be out this summer handling business!!!!!