Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bloody Knuckles Chop Shop

our own Stu. Drinking free beer.
The man him self David Clemens

Meeting David Clemens was bonus at the monthly event, Moto Monday. Moto Monday is one of Utah's cant miss events. I first noticed him when he rode up on his Sporty with a killer paint job. It caught my eye right off from the design to the colors. We were jockin his candy paint for sure! So after a couple rides, some Moto Mondays eaten some killer pizza and hot wings, he hit us up to come by his shop and check out some of his projects at Bloody knucks.
The Chevy Truck laying on the ground is so sick, and the 240SX with the LS1 and 6 speed tranny looks so fun to rip around in. These dudes can do anything from chop, fab, paint, or wire your dream project. Or finish an old project that you dont know were to start! Go see David and tell them GC Culture sent you!

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