Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So one of the first items i ever bought when i was building my sporster was this DNA Springer. I always liked it except for the Width, i always thought that they were to wide and looked funny! So iv been talking about chopping it for a while and wanted to do it so bad but never pulled the trigger. So a couple of weeks ago i was over at one of Our local friends Moto shop called Sid's Speed Shop and he was telling me about this Guy he knew that just did his and how good it turned out and that he lived right next to us. So, Long story short we paid him a visit and became buds in about 5 minutes with the dude. We ended up making arrangements to work together with him on mine. Three days later, and here we have it, A 2" narrowed DNA Springer! Thanks To Micky for all the Knowledge and help and friendship! And Thanks to Deyne from Sids Speed Shop, Good lookin out homie!
Be On the Look out for Micky's Next build, this whip is for real, so sick!

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