Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Asian persuasion

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Surfin with A Best Friend from die on your bike.
We will be attending, who else is coming with us? Don't miss this show, you will regret it!
Last year was so amazing!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One of our new Designs "The Mustache Bars".

Roudy Raw Stuage do in the dam thang with our new Miller Tig Machine, this kid gets down with it!

New garage ornamants

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Seat From GC culture, if your going to run straight metal pan than this is the way to go. And dimple Die's are super steezy and strong! order up a Sac Tap seat Pan!

Stu Stu Lands it again, Rett had an idea on some bars for his Jap Screamer chop, And Stu made it happen over night. These biznitchs look like there going 100mph sitting still. Hit us up if you have something in mind. And remember the riser eliminators we could run too!

Troy is one of the coolest cats we have ever met. Long story short, we were just checking out the rides headed out of the salt back to there camps and hotels and we waved at this dude riding by on this super clean, sick ass pan and Home boy yells out " Mind if i camp here" we were like hell ya come on in. So we were all sorts of pumped to meet him and to have a real looking biker hang with us. everyone swarmed him to check out his bike i was just like no way! So we chatted it up all night and exchanged a couple of stories. This Dude is fully legit, we couldn't believe he came all the way from Seattle, Washington and by him self. We are so stoked to have a new friend and hope to see him again soon. check him out over here at chicomoto!

Motoing brings us together!

Departing ways, We wish we were going with him. Homey had one long ass journey ahead of him!
Our different morning motivators

I was lovin the Exhaust so much and was loving it even more when he told us how he made them tips.
Troy's gangster ass legit 50's Pan!
I was so stoked on this bike i looked at it for hours!

The Morning After

This right here is what you call a true real Biker, Rolling solo with all his belongings bunged to the sissy, and making tents out of tarps and your scoot!

I have no idea how our camp got so sprawled out but it did. I woke up hours be for everyone else did so i grabbed a couple pics that no one knows i took until now! Your Welcome, HA.

Weekend in the salt!

No this is not snow. This shit was every were.
Im so glad that Moto monday, And Pangea planned on taking pictures. Because if they didn't, we wouldn't have some of these!
A Day in the salt!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Tigging up Gerald's Skate rack sissy.

One of O towns little hidden gems!
Iv told people about seeing this bike and they all say "Hell ya, Iv seen that bike, its so sick." And the other day i got close enough to grab some shots. And yes that is a mini sledge Hammer bunged to the front end.

Handling Business. Its always feels good when people want to peep your game.

We have been following ELi and his pack for a while, we were super pumped to talk with him at Born Free. The Green Hornet is one nice machine. Hit us up when you come to Utah, Eli!

Star Stoked!
because of stuff he builds like this. Such a Awesome craftsman.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010